Terms of rent

INTER CAR is here byrenting to the renter the registered and technically maintained and operational vehicle under the conditions stipulated by this agreement:

The renter hereby by signing this agreement accepts the provisions of the agreement and the price list, which makes an integral part of the agreement. The renter thus agrees with the following:

  • The rented vehicle shall be returned to the designated place and within the designated time, as provisioned by this agreement after the contracted rental period has expired or even before the expiry of the contracted rental period should INTER CAR requires so;
  • In case of any malfunction or damage to the rented vehicle, the renter shall immediately notify INTER CAR and shall follow INTER CAR directions and recommendations on that issue;
  • The prolongation of the contracted rental period shall be required from INTER CAR at least 24 hours in advance before the expiry of the contracted rental period and the renter shall abide in full by INTER CAR decision on that issue;
  • The renter shall use the rented vehicle personally for his/her personal needs and only the renteror an additional driver, who meets all the requirements and is mentioned in the agreement;
  • The rented vehicle shall not be used for any illegal purpose (criminal offenses, custom laws breakage or similar illegal activities), for teaching others to drive, to ning or pulling other vehicles, trailers, or semi-trailers in the latest car race or contest, etc;
  • The renter shall not drive the rented vehicle under the influence of alcohol and narcotics or other drugs;
  • The rented vehicle shall not transport more persons or weight than the allowed maximum weight is;
  • The state border of Montenegro shall not be crossed by using the rented vehicle in question, except where such use is specifically authorized by INTER CAR and prior written consentisthus obtained from INTER CAR. As a guaranteeth at the rented vehicle shall be returned in due time the renter is obliged to do the following:
  • To pay to INTER CAR the cash deposit in the amount stipulated by the INTER CAR representative;
  • To present a credit card rental qualification at the time of rental by using credit cards which are acceptable by INTER CAR;
  • The renter is obliged for the rent of the vehicle to pay INTER CAR the total amount of the rental fees for the contracted period.
  • The consumed fuel charge shall be charged;
  • The fees for any damage incurred to the tires, tools or licenses shall be charged in accordance with the current INTER CAR price list;
  • Delay in returning the vehicle after the sixty-minute grace period has expired shall be charged accordingly;
  • In case that the renter loses keys to the vehicle or vehicle registration certificate or in case that the renter for any reason does not return the above-mentioned items the renter is obliged to pay the damage to INTER CAR in the amount of 500€;
  • During the rental period INTER CAR shall not bear any responsibility for any breaking of the traffic security law by the rentern or shall it cover any costs of the potential replacement/patching of tires, tool or similar charges;
  • All damages caused to the vehicle which had not been stated at the time of rental and which are found at the moment when the renter returns the vehicle to INTER CAR shall be considered as caused during the rental period and the renter shall be found liable for them;
  • In case of traffic accident damage or any technical malfunction of the vehicle, the renter shall not leave the vehicle unattended and shall inform the INTER CAR representative immediately about the situation. In the case of a traffic accident, the renter shall not leave the scene of the accident and he/she shall wait for the police to arrive and shall ensure that the report on the accident is made;
  • The renter shall return the vehicle at his own expense to the INTER CAR service center;
  • If the renter fails to perform any of the items mentioned in this article and thus causes losses to INTER CAR, the renter shall reimburse it to the INTER CAR in full;
  • If the vehicle is stolen or missing for any reason, the renter shall immediately inform INTER CAR and police agencies in charge of such issues. The renter is there fore obliged to present to INTER CAR the report from the police to which he/she had reported the missing vehicle. If the vehicle is stolen or missing for any reason the renter shall return to INTER CAR the original key and registration certificate of the vehicle and shall present the report made by police on the reported theft or missing vehicle;
  • If the renter does not fulfill all the obligations stipulated in the above-given article, the renter shall be found materially liable for the theftor vehicle missing and shall compensate to INTER CAR the incurred loss in the full amount of the price of a new such vehicle;
  • The renter here by confirms tha the/she is familiar with the fact that the vehicle is not insured against damage caused by his/her driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances, driving without a valid driving license as well as driving when more personsare driven in the vehicle than the allowed by the number of registered seats in the vehicle;
  • In case when the vehicle is casco insured and when the damage to the vehicle is caused by the renteror in case of theftor missing of the vehicle, the renter shall participate in covering the damage to the amount of 10% of the overall damage or the amount of 10% of the vehicle price;
  • INTER CAR is not liable for the damage for the loss or damage of the luggage or goods that has been in/on the vehicle, norfor the damage caused by the delay in case of vehicle delivery or the malfunction of the vehicle made by the renter during the rental period.


INTER CAR offers several flexible payment options for customers including credit and debit card, cash, and bank transfer payments.

Credit Cards accepted: American Express, Mastercard, Maestro and VISA cards.